May 21, 2012


The rule of the three Rs, also known as the three R's of ecology or just 3R, is a proposal on consumer habits, popularized by the environmental organization Greenpeace, which aims to develop responsible habits and general responsible consumption. This concept refers to strategies for waste management looking to become more sustainable with the environment and specifically give priority to reducing the volume of waste generated. During the G8 Summit in June 2004, Prime Minister of Japan, Junichiro Koizumi, presented the three Rs Initiative seeks to build a recycling-oriented society.  In April 2005, held a meeting of ministers in which was discussed with the U.S., Germany, France and 20 other countries how they can be implemented on an international actions related to the three Rs.

Recycling is important because the earth is cleaner

Reusing is important because it reduces trash.

Reducing is important because it clean the earth of trash.

Rubén and Mateo

3 R

glass, plastic,paper, cardboard...
                                                       2Reuse you can reuse the materials
                                                      like clothes, plastic, cardboard and glass


3Reduce you can reduce 
the amount of packaging we use

If you do 3R you can help the atmosphere and reduce theglobal warming.

Mar 7, 2012

Photo a week project - Ramon, Arturo and Daniel

This picture is from the museum of Asturias, where i went on a excursion with
my school, and i took one picture of this dinosaur.

The picture is the view from my bedroom. You can see mountains, fields, trees, houses... This is a very beautiful landscape. Every day when I wake up, I see this view, for me is the best  landscape in my city


This photo was take in Tres de Noviembre Street. there are many cars,
there are 2 pubs and there is a computer room.

This is my school and I go to study here every day.

Feb 17, 2012

Web pages

Two weeks ago the teenagers from the FCE preparation classes prepared a web page to tie in with the unit they were doing on technology. Most students designed a page related to sport and music. The results were quite impressive and everyone enjoyed themselves at the same time. Here are the links if you want to have a look:

Feb 2, 2012


(sports, theatre, dance, art...)?
If I were you, I would try to avoid bullies, to stop having problems.And the most important thing is that you musn't bully the bullies.

You should learn to defend yourself to protect you from bullies.
You can join in martial arts(karate, judo, kung fu).

You might want to take care of your looks.You can ask your mother and if you have a sister or brother you can ask them too.


By:Andrea and Juan

Stop Bully

If  I were you, I would try to make  friends.

You must take care of your look and personal hygiene.

You must be friendlier when you talk with your classmates

If you practise a sport, you will have more friends.

If you are being bullied, you musn't bully the bully or other people because  the violence is never the solution.

If you are being bully you could talk with your parents and teachers because they can help you with your problems and they can convince your classmates for stop bully you.
By: Sergio, Jorge and Maria

What you should do if you are being bullied

In my opinion if you are being bullied you should tell your parents or teachers to look for a solution.
Why don't you try to integrate in a group or look for friends who can protect you.
If I were you, I would have a discussion with the bully and ask him why he is bullying me.

You should catch the bully and frighten him.
If I were you, I would tell someone who can influence him.
Why don't you try to confront him and ask him why.

Why don't you try to talk to the bully when the teacher is with you. It could be a solution!
 If nothing works, you might look for your big brother's friends to bully the bully. LOL ;-)... Remember! VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE SOLUTION!!!!!

By: class 235 (Ricitos de oro, karlossola y Virgo)